Elana J Fertig, PhD

Dr. Fertig’s lab pursues research in the systems biology of cancer and therapeutic response.  She develops computational methods for pattern detection from genomics data and integration of diverse high-throughput data modalities. These algorithms are applied to analyze data from diverse cancer types, with a primary focus on precision medicine and therapeutic resistance. 

Dr. Fertig is an Associate Professor of Oncology and Assistant Director of the Research Program in Quantitative Sciences at Johns Hopkins University, with secondary appointments in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics and Statistics, affiliations in the Institute of Computational Medicine, Center for Computational Genomics, Machine Learning, Mathematical Institute for Data Science, and the Center for Computational Biology. Prior to entering the field of computational cancer biology, Dr Fertig was a NASA research fellow in numerical weather prediction. Dr. Fertig’s research is featured in numerous peer reviewed publications, R/Bioconductor packages, and independent research funding. She led the team that won the HPN-DREAM8 algorithm to predict phospho-proteomic trajectories from therapeutic response in cancer cells.